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Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector with 8" Open Face Search Coil

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector with 8" Open Face Search Coil

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Now with 8" search coil for more depth and larger 

scanning area

The Tesoro Compadre is a single knob VLF discriminator. This

detector is simple enough for the beginner, yet powerful enough for

an experienced treasure hunter. The automatic ground rejection

circuitry is preset to allow mineral free operation in all types of

ground conditions.

Its lightweight and balanced feel make this detector fun to use. It

comes with the famous Tesoro lifetime warranty.

* VLF 12 kHz Frequency
* 3 piece breakdown pole
* 8" Open Faced Search coil
* Silent search all metal discriminate modes
* Built in speaker and headphone jack
* Use with or without headphones
* Single knob simplicity
* Easy to operate
* Built in mineral rejection
* Single 9 volt battery
5 Stars
Great machine
excellent entry level and then some machine . The disc (180) is amazing on our Canadian coins .
Reviewed by:  from lower mainland B.C. on 11/12/2013
5 Stars
Compadre year end review
I have had my compadre just over one year now and it's paid for itself many many times over. $500 in gold jewelry many 925 pieces , lots and lots of clad. Canadian coins are no problem with a Tesoro,my best hunt was $28! No matter what brand of machine you have as a main unit ,if you don't swing a compadre(tesoro) your missing out on finds and a lot of FUN . Truly a must have machine
Reviewed by:  from Lower mainland Bc. on 12/7/2014

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