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Garrett Pro - Pinpointer II

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With a new lost pinpointer alarm, increased

durability and sensitivity, Garrett’s new Pro-Pointer II

has everything you’ve come to trust from the

original…and more!


Lost Pinpointer Alarm

After 5 minutes of being ON without a button press,

the Pro-Pointer II will begin emitting progressively

faster warning chirps for 60 minutes.

Auto-Off Feature

After one hour of warning chirps, the Pro-Pointer II

will power off automatically.

Lanyard Attachment Clip

Use to attach the Pro-Pointer II to your belt, digging

pouch or your detector.

Increased Durability and Sensitivity

Faster Retuning Capability

Fast on/off cycles allow user to quickly tune out the

detection of saltwater, wet sand or highly mineralized

ground. Retuning allows user to quickly:

  • Shrink detection field to precisely pinpoint large targets

  • Tune out mineralized ground, wet beach sand, etc.

  • Help gauge target size/distance

  • Help identify edges of large target

  • Pinpoint multiple targets versus one large

    target signal

Other key features:

  • Patented proportional audio/vibration pulse

    indicates targets

  • Pinpoint tip detection

  • 360° side scan detection area

  • LED light for low light uses

  • Patented scraping blade to sift through the soil to

    speed recovery

  • Automatic tuning

  • Large power button is easy to operate even with


  • Meets IEC 60529 IP 66 standards for dust and

    water protection. Entire unit can be

    rinsed/cleaned under water.

  • Twice the battery life of other pinpointers with

    LED lights

  • 9 volt battery included

  • Woven belt holster included
5 Stars
Honorable Knight of the Realm
This is one of the handiest items to add to your hunting equipment. It not only pinpoints your find to make it easier for location, saving on digging, but is handy for other things as well. Finding metal in a piece of wood you want to cut and not damage a saw-blade. Finds nails in your walls(where the studs are). Search your friends for hidden weapons when they come to visit.
Reviewed by:  from Southwestern Ontario. on 8/19/2013
5 Stars
Excellent Item and Value
I am very happy with my decision to purchase this item from Middlesex Detector Sales...the quality and sensitivity of this Garrett Pinpointer is fantastic!! and i love the deal offered getting the Garrett Camo Pouch included for the same low price!! Fantastic Deal!! Item was well packaged when it arrived in the mail and it didnt take long to get it...Im very pleased with my first time purchase from Middlesex Detector Sales and look forward to doing more business with them..they are top notch!!
Reviewed by:  from Nova Scotia. on 1/2/2014
5 Stars
This is my 3rd item purchased in the last year. I always find Jeff (Owner/Operator) professional and knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions (as the items were gifts). I have found Jeff to be very helpful and going beyond. I ordered over the phone, and received the items in 2-3 days. My Son and Mother-Inlaw love their items. Thankyou so much!
Reviewed by:  from Durham. on 1/10/2020
5 Stars
I have thoroughly enjoyed my probe. It gives you the precise location needed to eliminate unnecessary digging. The price is also reasonable.
Reviewed by:  from Selkirk, Mb. on 9/19/2018
5 Stars
Was having a hard time finding this model, everyone is selling the orange one now. Was happy you were still carrying this and for a good price. Quickly shipped and works perfectly !
Reviewed by:  from Hamilton. on 7/11/2017
5 Stars
A very nice tool for a great price!
Reviewed by:  from Mississauga. on 7/10/2017
4 Stars
I purchased 2 of these pin pointers as a recommendation and a need for my wife and I. except for the fact the batteries that came with them were dead, I replaced them and have truly enjoyed the quick and easy finding capabilities of them. My only issue is when digging a small plug in say a park, the 360 degree allowance can sometimes make it a bit slower on find recovery. Otherwise a great easy to use necessity in our hobby.
Reviewed by:  from Blenheim Ontario. on 6/6/2017
5 Stars
Best pinpointer ever made
Reviewed by:  from Ottawa. on 5/21/2017
5 Stars
Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! A vast improvement over my previous pinpointer. I can hear things that are close and the device does not have to be actually touching metal before sounding an alarm.
Reviewed by:  from Georgetown, Ontario. on 4/24/2017
5 Stars
Garrett Propointer 2
Decided against buying Garrett's Orange carrot, because this one has most of the features I need. The orange carrot is waterproof but I don't plan on getting this one terribly wet. Plus I've been told by the pros that this one is easier to start up. The orange one apparently has a feature that can make it tricky when you power it on. And this on is a tad cheaper which covers the shipping. It's very sensitive and I've tested it on iron, gold, copper and other metals and it starts picking it up at 2 or more inches. One piece of advice, start with brand new batteries. The ones that it came with barely had a charge on them.
Reviewed by:  from Chatham. on 4/21/2017
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