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What is the best metal detector.
The best metal detector is the one that fits your budget. Usually for general coin hunting in beaches and parks. A machine with an ID meter will make your metal detecting easier.

How deep can they go?
Depending on the size of the object, what it is made of, and the length of time it has been in the ground. Usually from 6-8" on average. And can go 12-16" on larger items. You will find that 99% of your finds will be in the top 4" of soil. Even items from the 1800's era.

Why the different price ranges on machines?
As machines increase in price so do the options. Higher priced machines offer, Target Imaging which tells you the size of the item before you dig. They do generally have more detecting power and better discrimination of trash targets. They will ID your targets more accurately.

Will they pick up all metals?
They will pick up all metals or whatever metal you want it to see. Some metals share the same electronic signature, so picking up one type of metal may also open the machine to other types of metals.

What is Notch Control?
Notch Control is the ability to set the metal detector to ignore certain metals. It can be made to ignore say nails and wire but still pick up coins and jewellery.

Should I use headphones?
Headphones will extend the battery life in your machine. It will also aid you in hearing the different sounds of the types of metal items your machine detects.

Where can I go metal detecting?
Parks, beaches, churches, school yards. Most public areas. Just be sure that it is allowed before you start to dig. If you're unsure, ask.

What does the meter show you?
ID meters will show you the type of object under the coil. The better machines will break this down to show a single penny, nickel, dime, pull tab etc. Some machines will group the targets such as coins, trash, iron etc.

How much do they weigh?
Generally about 2 lbs. Which is a weight anyone young or old can easily swing. There are machines built for more professional metal detecting that can weigh up to 4 lbs.

What type's of sound do they make?
Today's metal detectors have what is known as Tone ID. The machines can be set so that good targets like coins will give off a high tone, and trash like pull tabs will give off a low tone. This makes deciding what to dig very easy and learning the machine can be done quickly

How long does it take for my machine to arrive?
2-6 business days depending on what part of Canada you live in. We have all the machines in stock and ship the same day you place your order.

What if I have a question about my machine?
Just call us thats what we are here for to help you. We are here 7 days a week if you do have a question or just need more information about your machine.

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